Build your own Balloon (Packages)

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After 20 years in business I finally gave up on trying to create the "Perfect" package for everyones needs, I decided that maybe the thing to do is showcase designs and the more you buy the more you save.. The way this works is you tell me which items you would like and type of event (Birthday, Grand Opening, Wedding etc.) and the pieces you pick out will be designed with your colors and theme in mind to provide you with the best custom balloon decor' possible.

Feeling Lucky??

 So I am really excited to now offer this as an option, It's called "Designers Choice" It gives you an opertunity to have the latest greatest designs and gives me an oppertunity to expand my portfoilio, gage pricing, and offer up a little of my "magical flair"..

Now I will admit I have never had a client (Thus far) who was unhappy with their package.  If anything you will be provided with far more expensive pieces because I have not had an oppertunity to build these designs so I wont know until I build it whether or not the price I charged will remain the same for future events. I will say this, I have yet to try a new design and say "oh yeah, let me go right back and lower that price!" Alot of times I dont even know how much time materials labor etc will be incurred until done and than the price (if needed) will be adjusted accordingly.


 So YOU provide :      Theme, Occasion, Colors, Budget and Pieces needed..


 For Example: 

 Theme: Jungle Animals

 Occasion: Baby Shower

 Colors:  Pink, grey, and green

 Budget: 500.00

 Pieces Needed: (7) centerpieces, something for cake table and entrance into venue..

   So now I get to try that super cute little jungle design that I saw one of my colleages do with the little palm trees and monkey and the matching centerpieces and maybe some additional palm trees at the entrance?? Hmm

THAN I go to build and realize those "palm trees" are WAY more extensive than expected so I know I won't do that again for that price and you got an AMAZING design for far less than had I sold it by itself. WIN for you WIN for me. Whose lucky now??