Balloon Arches... Helium VS Framed.


    Up Up & Away Balloons offer two different types of Balloon Arches to meet all of your needs, the most important questions to ask yourself to determine which type will suit your needs is simply.. Will it be inside or out.. That's it.   Many balloon professionals offer helium arches for outdoor venues we at Up Up & Away Balloons do not. The reason for this is simple, any outdoor decor' is subject to wind, rain, direct sunlight, etc. There is no way to ensure its shape and appearance without some type of internal frame structure. It is of utmost importance to us to ensure your decor' looks the way it should (without blowing sideways, clothes- lining guests, or just "wonky" ).  Not only is your reputation on the line but so is ours and we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best decor' possible.  So with that if you are looking for Arches outdoors they will have internal frame structures and baseplates (deposits will be required). If your Balloon Arch will be inside, you have your choice of either. Depending on length of venue (hours versus days) will determine the best option to go with as helium arches generally last for hours unless chemically treated, whereas framed arches can last weeks..

Framed Balloon Arches:
     This is a classic Spiral Framed Balloon Arch, it is secured internally as well as externally. These Balloon Arches come standard at 20' and typically are approx. 12' wide and 8' tall. These are suitable for most doorways, entrances, pathways, and stages.  These balloon arches are 300.00 and include your choice of colors, patterns, local delivery and set-up.  (Additional lengths are as follows)  30'  400.00 and our largest is a 40'  (big enough for vehicles and large buses/trucks)  500.00  please remember deposits are required.  Tear down during business hours is 55.00 (9-6pm)  or after business hours 95.00 ( 7-Midnight) Early morning set or strike  (before 9am)  125.00



Custom Framed Arches:

   Custom framed arches are simply your choice of arch "personalized" to fit a theme or specific type of decor'. The sky is the limit with these as we can and will embellish your balloon arch to your heart's desire.  The only difference between these is the cost of the embellishments. Pattern colors or design have no weight in the actual cost just the "extra's" you may want..


** Casino Arch with Dice accents $ 370.00**

Framed Walk thru Heart or Star:


   The walk thru Hearts and Star Frames offer a fun and exciting presentation to all who pass through it. These also are available in your choice of colors, patterns, and styles. These exciting Arches are $350.00 and also include set-up and delivery to your local location. Tear down rates apply.

Helium Strings of Pearls: (Classic Decor)

 The Strings of Pearls are single-handedly one of our most sought  after balloon arches. With the ability to transform large spaces with a powerful effect of color, whimsy, affordability, and disposability all in one.. These start at 155.00 for a 20' Strand in your choice of colors, patterns, and styles. Set Up and local delivery also included. (No deposits needed)

Custom Strings of Pearls:

  This String of Pearls was "modified" by our client in recognition of a 25th Anniversary. For an additional 35.00 This simple string of pearls became the focal point.. How would you like to customize yours??

The Double Bubble:

  The Double Bubble is a stunning illusionary balloon arch. The dramatic effect of a balloon inside a diamond clear balloon amazes even the fussiest of critics. Available in various lengths, these start at 95.00 for Cake Tables and 250.00 for Head Tables, Stages, and Entrances.  Coordinating centerpieces available as well.


A Double Bubble Package is currently offered for $ 550.00 and includes:  (One) 20' Double Bubble Balloon Arch, (One) Coordinating Cake table Double Bubble Balloon Arch, (Five) 3latex 1 Double Bubble centerpieces and (Two) Double Bubble Entrance Bouquets.    (a savings of 80.00)